Door Upgrades to add Fire Resistance

Upgrading existing doors to the 30 Minute fire standard

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Convert your existing doors to 30 Minute Fire Door Standard using our coloured Paint or our clear Varnish

Free Fire Certificate of Supply and a free written Specification, with costing, to present to your Building Inspector to obtain permission.

No special skills required - just straightforward preparation and painting - but take care to test your surfaces as specified in our Site.

Price match Guarantee - we will not be beaten on price.

If you buy from our Fire Paint Shop we will still create a Specification for your Building Inspector.

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1. Paint for upgrading doors - basic rules, white and RAL colours

2. Varnish for upgrading doors - basic rules, see through varnish

3. Warnings, faults and diagnosis - using fire paints and varnishes

3. Essential Accessories for doors - intumescent edge strips

4. Safe minimum door thickness - frames and panels

5. Loft Conversions - fire requirements

6. Fire Products Shop - fire paints, varnishes and accessories

7. Paint Colour Charts - RAL Colours

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Discounting and price matching - call us on 01626 872886


Basic requirements for an upgrade to the 30 Minute Standard

Panels must to be at least 10mm thick to allow the use of Fire Paint and 16mm thick to allow the use of Fire Varnish.

Our Paints and Varnishes must be supported with intumescent fire/smoke seal and lock, hinge and door closer Intumescent protection card, or as specified by a Building Inspector.

Guidance Notes on upgrading Doors

Fault finding - coating problems when using Fire Paints and Fire Varnishes

Free Advice

Speak to us about your Fire Paint or Varnish needs: 01626 872886

Take no risks - do not buy products without a clear specification from an expert.

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Fire Door Paint Colour Charts

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Site written by: David Moore

David Moore, B.A. (Hons.), C.T.I.S., C.R.D.S.

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